Health stations

Measure, track and improve your health

Health stations Health stations

We are proud to partner with SISU wellness to help you measure, track and improve your health. Use one of the onsite health stations to receive a health check covering your height, weight, BMI, blood pressure and much more. You will receive your personal results email, where you can click through to set up your online account. This allows you to view and compare your results online. You can also fill in an online health risk questionnaire, for a complete view of your current health and wellbeing.

Use the health stations as often, or as little, as you wish. Health stations will rotate through all offices.

If you are unable to use an onsite health station, then you can still get involved.


  • Register online here;
  • Then visit one of the publicly available health stations using your registered email address; or
  • Find a station here.

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Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit

You can sign up for flexible benefits at any point during the year. Be aware that you can’t always make changes to these benefits at any time during the year, so check on the conditions when you sign up.