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Work is changing and people no longer stay in the same career their whole life. SAP promotes a continuous learning culture to support employee growth, organisational agility and an inclusive culture, and mentoring supports this.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is about providing advice. A mentor shares their knowledge and expertise and provides answers and guidance in a certain area, based on their own experience.

Mentoring allows the mentee to get new perspectives, build their network and talk with someone who has the skills and experience they want to tap into. Some of the reasons people may seek a mentor include getting guidance on navigating the organisation, learning or improving a skill, transitioning into a new role, achieving a certain goal, or handling a challenge.

SAP promotes a non-hierarchical, multi-directional and cross-functional mentoring philosophy.

The mentor also benefits from the mentoring relationship by knowing they are helping someone, practicing their interpersonal skills and demonstrating leadership.

Mentoring is provided by employees who volunteer their time and work along to ethical guidelines and confidentiality standards.

To find out more about finding a mentor or becoming a mentor visit the SAP Global Mentoring JAM page

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Flexible benefit

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