Menopause assistance

Help navigating the menopause for you or your partner

Menopause assistance Menopause assistance

We recognise that at times it’s not always easy to turn up and give your best, day after day. Sometimes life gets challenging, and we want to support you in those moments, as we recognise our people are at the heart of our success. So, we’ve partnered with Peppy to offer a new menopause service.

Peppy offers free, one to one, private, personalised health care support, directly targeted at helping employees or their partners through menopause. We understand this can be a daunting time, many people experience emotional, mental and/or physical symptoms that affect their sense of wellbeing for a while. Often, they need to make changes to help them get through this period as smoothly as possible.

50% of the population will go through menopause, mostly between the ages of 45 and 55, and Peppy is here to help you or your partner navigate through this challenging time.

This service is completely confidential, simply download the app and register with your SAP work email address to access:

  • one to one private and personalised chat with an expert menopause practitioner
  • an in-depth 45-minute phone or video consultation to discuss your menopause journey and to help you understand the healthcare options available to you
  • a qualified, expert menopause report which can be used to support medical conversations with your GP
  • specialist mental health support
  • peer support through small group chats and virtual seminars
  • an 8-week structured menopause programme with live broadcasts, advice and tips.

Alternatively, you can get access for your partner by letting them sign up using your SAP email address (this is just to prove you’re an employee, the app won’t send emails to your SAP address).

You can find out more at

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