The Share Purchase Plan for SAP employees


Own SAP is very simple:

  • You invest between 1% and 10% of your monthly base salary (gross) in SAP shares. SAP immediately matches the investment by 40% (matching contribution) and adds a subsidy of €20 per month.
  • Every month (fractional) SAP shares will be purchased with your monthly investment, the 40% matching contribution and the €20 subsidy. You can sell your shares at any time. There is no holding period. Just keep the blackout periods in mind.
  • The SAP contribution (including the monthly subsidy of €20) is capped at €6,000 per year per person. After the cap is reached, you automatically continue to purchase shares with your self-investment only. If you want to stop participating once the cap is reached, you will have to withdraw in the enrolment tool.

For more information click here (site only accessible from SAP network)

At a glance

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Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit

You can sign up for flexible benefits at any point during the year. Be aware that you can’t always make changes to these benefits at any time during the year, so check on the conditions when you sign up.